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iTunes error 421 when using sound file mode

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OS: Windows 7 Professional (64-bit)

When using iTunes to burn Audible.com *.aa and *.aax files to the Virtual Burner using any size blank (702 MB, 766 MB, 830 MB, 256.0 GB, these are the online sizes I've tried) iTunes cancels the process returning: "The attempt to burn a disc failed. An unknown error occurred (421)." However, using standard blanks, i.e., not sound file mode, it will burn without an issue.

Any guidance you could offer to help remedy this would be greatly appreciated.

iTunes error 421

Unknown errors are always difficult to troubleshoot (as they are not known... ;-)) Afaik this error is not due to Virtual CD, but occurs with physical drives, too. First of all please refer to the iTunes support for further help on this error.

The forum thread below discusses a similar problem:

Error 4000 in iTunes

iTunes error 421

I had this error too. What I found to fix it is I went into File Explorer and clicked on the disc. My thought was that the Virtual CD progam that I was using was confused and thought there was a CD in there still. When I clicked on it, iTunes instantly popped up and said 'A blank disc has been inserted, click to burn' kind of thing. [NOTE: I was not using Virtual CD, but another similar tool]

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