CD Drives

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On the CD Drives page, the virtual drives for use in sessions are mapped for profile members and actions can be defined for the drives as desired. For example, you can have a virtual CD automatically inserted in a specified drive when a profile member logs in.




Click on Action to assign an action to the selected drive type. You can choose from the following actions:

Release. If the selected drive had been locked, this action releases it.
Lock. The selected drive is locked for profile members by default.
Eject inserted CD. When the profile is loaded, the CD in the selected drive is automatically ejected.
Remains unchanged. No action is performed. This is the default setting for all drives.
Insert a virtual CD. Inserts a virtual CD when the profile is loaded.
Map in a session. Activates the selected drive for use in terminal server sessions.



We recommend not assigning more user profiles than you really need to any given user, in order to maintain a clear overview of the Profile Settings applied in the various cases.