Third-party Formats

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Aside from ISO images (*.iso), Virtual CD recognizes a number of formats from other manufacturers. Some of these are ISO-compatible, and can be used with Virtual CD. Supported formats from other manufacturers include the following:

Nero (*.nrg)
WinOnCD (*.c2d)
CDRWin (*.xmf)
CloneCD (*.img)
Bin format (*.bin)
Alcohol 120% (*.mdf)
BlindWrite (*.bwi; *.b5i, *.b6i)


The characteristics of ISO images apply to formats from other manufacturers as well, but Virtual CD cannot create images in any of the other formats. Virtual CD can create Virtual CD images and ISO images.



Virtual CD can recognize many image types, but not all recognized types are actually compatible with Virtual CD. For example, Nero can store audio CDs in a Nero image (.nrg), but because the NRG format does not conform to ISO specifications, it cannot be used with Virtual CD.


Another special case is that of images created from data CD, which are thus actually ISO images, but which contain additional information about the CD. Virtual CD can read such images, but cannot apply the particular functions it has for handling this additional information.



If a CD uses a non-standard format, the image much be created with the Virtual CD program to be used with Virtual CD.


If you want to use an image format not known to Virtual CD, you need to register the file name extension on the Supported ISO images page of the Settings. Thanks to this mechanism, Virtual CD can support practically any ISO-compatible image.