How to Turn 23 into 5865

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Under optimum conditions, Virtual CD FS can set up 23 virtual CD drives on your file server—assuming the server has only one floppy disk drive, one CD drive and one hard disk drive. This generally makes 23 virtual CDs available over the network. Twenty-three CDs, however, are too few for a viable CD-ROM server solution, and even for some applications.

That is why we developed virtual CD collections. A collection can consist of up to 99 virtual CDs; thus if you have 23 virtual drives, you can insert up to 2277 virtual CDs at one time.



This value is just given as an example, and can be implemented only under optimum conditions. Most file servers have more than one hard drive, and many have more than one physical CD drive. Thus it is not always possible to have 23 virtual CD drives on a file server. Still, with only 10 virtual CD drives you can serve 2550 virtual CDs at one time. Even with just one virtual drive, you can serve far more CDs simultaneously than you could with any solution that uses only physical drives.