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Once the setup program starts, the installation of Virtual CD FS is almost entirely automatic. The process is similar to the installation of the classic Virtual CD edition. The file-server specific functions are available immediately at the conclusion of installation. No special configuration settings are required during setup.



If you are updating an earlier version of Virtual CD FS, please make sure you deinstall the older version and then restart the server before installing the new Virtual CD program.


Place the installation CD in a drive and wait a moment for Windows to detect it and run the Setup program.

If installation does not start automatically, select Start -> Computer in the Windows Explorer and then double-click on the icon representing the drive in which you have inserted the installation CD.

When the program starts up, select "Installation" to run the Setup program. If you access the CD content directly, or have downloaded your Virtual CD program over the Internet, you need to run the Setup program manually.

Follow the instructions as the Setup Wizard guides you through the installation procedure. After you enter the license code, you can configure certain settings and define the number of virtual CD drives.



All of the settings configured during installation can be changed at a later point. If you are not sure which settings you should choose, simply accept the default values for the time being and continue reading this manual for more information on the options available.



Virtual CD comes with a "plug & play" driver, which means you do not have to restart the computer after the virtual drives are set up, or after changing the number of virtual drives at a later stage. In some cases, however, you might be prompted by the Windows operating system during VCD installation to restart your computer. It is important that you do not restart the computer before the installation has been completed, regardless of any operating system messages. Otherwise, the installation will not work.



With the default settings, two drives are installed; one virtual drive and one virtual burner. If you plan to use your Virtual CD FS installation as a CD-ROM server, however, you will probably need more virtual drives. You can configure the settings during setup to install a higher number of drives, or add drives later using the Virtual CD Settings program.