Virtual CD FS Licensing

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Virtual CD FS is licensed on a per-computer basis. In other words, you need one license code for each server on which Virtual CD FS is installed. A Virtual CD FS license code enables the following:

Installation of Virtual CD FS on one file server; e.g., for use as a virtual CD-ROM server with access to virtual CDs by sharing drives or folders and allocating permissions accordingly.
Installation of the standard Virtual CD edition on one workstation. You can use the standard Virtual CD edition for creating and testing your virtual CDs before they are stored on your file server for general access.


The license code must be entered during program installation. If no license code is entered when prompted, installation will be cancelled. You can have Virtual CD FS retrieve its license from Virtual CD Network Management Server.

If you wish to test the Virtual CD FS program, please download the 30-day test version from the Virtual CD Web site.



When you purchase Virtual CD your license code is included in the packaging, or will be transmitted to you electronically.



It is not possible to upgrade a test version to a full version by entering the license code.