What Virtual CD FS Can Do for You

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With Virtual CD FS you can insert a virtual CD in a virtual drive, and then make it available to all your users by sharing the drive in the network. All you have to do is install Virtual CD FS on a file server – no additional hardware or extraneous components are required! That is why we say: Virtual CD FS is the CD-ROM server solution for your network.

And this is not just an empty claim—Virtual CD FS provides a range of features that make it a truly unique CD-ROM server solution.

For example, Virtual CD FS:

–requires no client installation for distributing access to virtual CDs.
–enables the use of up to 5865 virtual CDs simultaneously (using virtual CD "collections")
–supports applications that can access CD data displayed in directory trees.
–is seamlessly integrated as a system component on your file server.
–lets you control access by granting or denying permissions to virtual CD shares.
–gives you a clear view of all the CDs in a collection thanks to the new Collection Viewer.
–can be operated when no users are logged on.
–comes with a second user license so you can create and test virtual CDs on a workstation of your choice.
–employs familiar network mechanisms so you can start using it right away, without a time-consuming learning phase.
–supports 64-bit operating systems in the Windows series.
–stores collections in UDF format. This removes a great many limitations imposed by the Joliet format (for example, restrictions on file name length).
–supports virtual burners. You can use this feature to provide network shares that users can write in.



Virtual CD FS uses network shares to provide access to data stored on virtual CDs. This means CD-ROM-specific properties (such as playing audio CDs, certain copy-protection issues, etc.) that work only in conjunction with a CD drive cannot be utilized.