Virtual CD Licensing

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Virtual CD is licensed on a per-workstation basis. In other words, you need one user license for each computer on which Virtual CD is installed. There are single-user and multi-user license codes. The only difference between the two is the number of workstations on which Virtual CD can be installed. If you have a multi-user license code for 5 users, for example, you can run Virtual CD on 5 computers. The license code for a particular workstation is entered when the Setup program runs on that station.

If you wish to test the program, you can use the demo version for up to 30 days. Once you purchase the program, you will receive details on where to download the full version. You can install the full version on top of the demo to upgrade the demo version to a full, licensed version.



When you purchase Virtual CD your license code will be transmitted to you electronically, or is included in the packaging.



If you have purchased an upgrade edition, you will need to enter your Virtual CD Version 8 or Version 9 license code when defining the Version 10 code.