CD Burning Software No Longer Detects Burner

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In some rare cases, applications which can burn CDs no longer detect the CD burner after Virtual CD has been installed. In the instances that have been investigated to date, this was not caused by a problem in Virtual CD, but rather by a problem with the CD-writing function implemented in the application in question. Specifically, the CD-burning function was found to be incapable of reading data correctly from the CD burner in systems that have a large number of CD drives or burners.

Since the problem is not caused by the Virtual CD program, it cannot be eliminated by modifying Virtual CD settings. In most cases, however, the problem can be avoided by reducing the number of virtual CD drives to one.



We would like to take this opportunity to point out once again that, contrary to claims made by support staff and on Web sites of the applications in question, this problem has not been caused to date by the Virtual CD program, but in every instance has resulted from a problem with the CD-recording function in the application that fails to detect the CD recorder. This is clearly demonstrated by the fact that the problem can be reproduced by connecting a large number of physical CD drives in a system on which Virtual CD has never been installed.