Questions on Network Operation

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The two issues most commonly raised in regard to using Virtual CD in a network are as follows:

No more than 10 users can access a single virtual CD simultaneously: This limitation is not imposed by Virtual CD, but rather by Microsoft. While it is true that, in addition to Windows servers, Windows workstations can also be used as file servers, simultaneous access to an NT-based workstation is nonetheless limited to 10 users. This applies both to virtual CDs and to global configuration files.
Virtual CDs are not displayed in CD Control Center: Make sure you are connected to the network drive (or other medium) on which your virtual CDs are stored. If you are not, then establishing the connection should solve the problem. Another explanation, however, may be that the user who cannot see the virtual CDs does not have the privileges required for access to the files concerned. Changing the relevant permissions should solve the problem.