Driver Problems

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There is a broad variety of difficulties that may, in certain circumstances, arise in connection with the Virtual CD driver. The following are the most common of these problems:

No virtual CD drives are set up: There is no all-purpose solution to this problem. When it occurs, the computer in question is often a machine on which a large number of programs that use CD drives have been installed and then removed again. If one of the de-installation processes was incomplete, it leaves behind fragments of code that interfere with virtual CD drive setup.
Following installation, an application cannot find any physical CD drives: This kind of problem often occurs with applications that cannot run in conjunction with more than one controller. Once you install Virtual CD, you have at least two controllers in your system – one for your physical CD hardware, and one for your virtual drives.


There are no generally applicable solutions for driver problems. In many cases, however, it can help to deinstall and then reinstall Virtual CD.

If you have other programs that use CD drives, try de-installing those too and then re-installing them after re-installing Virtual CD.



To eliminate as many problems as we can and ensure the greatest possible compatibility, we test the software extensively here at H+H. It is also certified by Microsoft for use with the supported Windows operating systems. In the event of driver problems, check whether the other drivers in your system are Microsoft certified. Drivers that are not certified often cause problems in a Microsoft system.