Virtual CD TS Licensing

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One Virtual CD TS user license is required for each session in which a virtual CD is inserted. One license code must be entered when Virtual CD TS is installed. To enter additional license codes, select License in the main menu of the CD Control Center.

License codes are allocated on a per-server basis. In other words, a given license code can be used only on one server.



Unlike earlier versions of Virtual CD TS, this version does not use base licenses and supplementary licenses. The Virtual CD TS license code can be updated to v10 only if the number of users is the same (e.g., a 5-user base license for v9 requires a 5-user license code for v10).



A Virtual CD TS license is in use from the moment a virtual CD is inserted in a virtual drive within a session. When all virtual CDs inserted within a given session have been ejected, the license is released.


The license code must be entered during program installation. Alternatively, you can specify during installation that a license will be retrieved from your Virtual CD Network Management Server.

If you wish to test the program, you can obtain the special test version and use it for up to 30 days. The test version is available for download from the Virtual CD Web site.



When you purchase Virtual CD your license code is included in the packaging, or will be transmitted to you electronically. If a test version is already installed, you do not need to deinstall it before installing the full version; Virtual CD upgrades the installation automatically.


The Virtual CD Network Management Server, or NMS, is a Virtual CD product designed for centralized administration of all Virtual CD clients in a network. Virtual CD NMS can be used for administration of multiple Virtual CD TS servers as well. With Virtual CD NMS, Virtual CD TS licenses are distributed to sessions as required from one central location. No license codes need to be entered on the terminal servers in this case.



The Virtual CD Network Management Server enables highly efficient administration of the Virtual CD clients in your network. Network Management Server is available separately; it is not included with Virtual CD TS.