What Virtual CD TS Can Do for You

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Virtual CD TS lets you configure the presentation of virtual CDs in user sessions on your terminal server. You can use profiles to configure the use of virtual CDs and have your settings applied automatically at login without requiring any further action on the part of the user.

What you can do with Virtual CD TS:

Provide user-specific access to virtual CDs in each session.
Let your users access virtual CDs without letting them make changes in any CDs.
Provide access to a given virtual CD in all sessions, or only specified sessions.
Use both virtual drives and virtual burners.
Use profiles for automatic configuration of Virtual CD settings and features at the start of a session.
Add virtual CD drives without having to restart the system.
Use existing network resources to identify users and user groups, for simplified profile configuration.
Install the standard Virtual CD program, and create and test virtual CDs, on up to 5 workstations.