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In addition to questions that specifically have to do with Virtual CD, there are a couple of more general topics that are often addressed in the same context:

A hotkey defined in Virtual CD does not work (or not in all programs): Check whether the combination of keys chosen for this keyboard shortcut is already in use by another program for a different function. If it is, then pick a different key combination for one of the two programs.
Activating the option to suppress the "autorun" function on a virtual CD doesn't have any effect: Effective support for this control has been provided by Windows since Windows XP. Still, there are occasions when a CD's autorun function is executed even thought it was switched off for the image. This could have any of a number of causes. For example, suppression of the autorun function may fail when multiple CDs are inserted simultaneously (e.g., by a script). The operating system might not be able to pass each individual program call correctly every time the script is used, which can also cause the suppression function to fail. Thus we cannot guarantee that Virtual CD will be able to suppress the autorun function in every case.
The AutoPlay dialog does not open: If there is an image in a virtual drive and you replace it with another image, Windows might not detect the second image, in which case it does not open the AutoPlay dialog. This is because Windows checks the status of drives approximately every 2 seconds. This interval is sufficient for physical drives, but not always for the much faster virtual drives. Virtual CD attempts to compensate for this time-dependent behavior, but cannot always prevent the problem.