Special Blank for the Sound File Mode

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The sound file mode is implemented using a special type of blank. The audio files are collected using the chosen burner program, and then converted and stored in the selected file format by the sound file mode mechanism. All of the settings that affect this special blank are configured on the Burn page of the Settings. On this page you can define the folder in which the sound files are stored, the output format and the mechanism for naming the files.

When you activate the sound file mode, the special blank is created. With the default settings, a CD-RW with 700 MB is created. The capacity of the blank can be changed on the Burn page. You can configure the settings so that the blank reports 256 GB of available space. This lets you burn as many sound files as you like.



Specifying a capacity for the CD-RW greater than its standard capacity could lead to problems with some programs. If you want to use a higher capacity, we recommend testing it first. If problems occur, you know you need to use the standard size.



IMPORTANT: This special blank is available only for use in creating sound files. Do not attempt to burn other forms of data using a virtual burner that is in sound file mode.