Contacting Virtual CD Support

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If you do not find an answer to your question or a solution to your problem in any of the sources listed at the beginning of the "Troubleshooting" section, please contact our support team. To help us help you as quickly as possible, please observe the following as far as applicable:

1.Formulate your question as precisely as possible.
2.Describe the steps that preceded the problem.
3.If you encountered any error messages, please note the exact wording and include this with your request.
4.Check beforehand whether the problem is reproducible.


In the process of looking for a solution to your problem, we may find that we need additional information about your system. If this is the case, please run the Diagnostics program by selecting it in the main menu of the CD Control Center (Helper Programs -> Diagnostics).



Please send only complete Diagnostics files. If anything is deleted from the file, you will be sent a request for a complete file, which will delay the process of solving your problem.