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Thank you for choosing Virtual CD.

We would also like to thank the many users for sharing their suggestions and opinions—positive and negative. Integrating your suggestions and requests is a key part of our work. One thing we heard from many of you was that you would like to see a streamlined interface integrated in Virtual CD. The resulting new design, together with with support for the new Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, are the most striking differences in the new version. Adding powerful and versatile new features has been just as important as designing a simple, user-friendly interface. The result can be seen most prominently in the slender new CD Control Center, a straightforward, accessible palette of all Virtual CD functions. At the same time, we cut away a fair amount of deadwood as well, including the old CD Management program.

Many of the new features can be traced back pretty directly to suggestions from users, including support for HD media, the sound file mode for direct burning of sound files, and improved support of many CD types, to name just a few examples.

You might even find one or two of your own suggestions reflected in this new version. We want to continue developing Virtual CD in ways that best serve our users, so your feedback is essential. Please keep sending us your suggestions, and your criticism.


We hope you are happy with the changes, additions and subtractions we have made in the program, and that you enjoy using the new edition—and we wish Virtual CD a very happy 10th!


The Virtual CD Development Team