Adding Hard Drives

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In addition to media that can be inserted and ejected, Virtual CD also supports drives—such as hard disks—that are permanently connected.

The following example shows how to add desktop icons for these integrated media:



Open the Settings program

In the Virtual CD Starter, click on Configure settings to open the Virtual CD Settings program.





Activate icons for built-in media

In the Settings window, open the Display of Drives page. You can configure all settings for desktop icons here. In the Supported types of drive section, activate the Built-in media (such as hard disks) option and click on OK to confirm. A desktop icon is now shown for the hard drive, and you can use it to call functions.



- Hard disk in this example: "W7" in C: with 110 GB available space


That's it! - Since it will now be shown constantly, we recommend positioning the icon so that it is easily accessible.