Image Formats

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Having listed the types of CD available, we now turn to the types of image file format. A CD-based medium can have up to 99 tracks in which data is stored. A distinction is made between data tracks and audio tracks. Audio tracks are found only on media containing music (or other audio tracks). Standard CD-ROM, DVD and Blu-ray Disc media contain data tracks. These tracks can be recorded by Virtual CD or other program, stored as a file and then, using emulation technology, made available on your computer as a virtual CD. The Virtual CD program takes it one step further and can not only record data, but also create blank images that can be recorded, using an emulated virtual CD burner and your choice of CD-writing software. Virtual CD supports the following formats:

Virtual CD images
ISO images
Third-party formats that are ISO-compatible.


The following sections use a number of Virtual CD terms in describing the differences between image file formats. An understanding of these details, however, is not required for use of the program.