Collections and Virtual CDs

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Collections have a lot in common with virtual CDs. For example, they have the same types of properties (CD label, keyboard shortcuts, etc.), and they are managed in the same manner (insertion, ejection, etc.). There are a couple of decisive differences, however, besides the fact that a collection consists of multiple virtual CDs:

You cannot create catalogs for collections. Catalogs can be made for individual CDs; not for collections.
Any time you modify a virtual CD that is in a collection, that collection has to be rewritten. This fact can help you decide whether or not you wish to add a particular virtual CD to a collection. If you have a virtual CD that is frequently updated, for example, you might prefer not to have it in any collection, since both the CD and the collection have to be updated.



If you run the creation process again to re-write a virtual CD that is in a collection, the collection must be updated; otherwise, the collection will contain invalid references and will not function properly.