Directory Structure

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The directory structure shows all existing elements for display of images in a tree diagram. You can add or rename folders at any time.




The directory structure shows the same elements that you can also reach using the navigation bar. The main differences between the directory structure and the navigation bar are as follows:

The directory structure shows all elements at all times.
Images in the Image View can be moved to a directory in the directory tree using drag & drop.


All entries in the tree diagram can be selected, with the result that the images they contain are shown in the Image View. The following items are a fixed part of the folder tree and cannot be modified:

Virtual Images – View of all known images and folders created. Only within this folder can your own folders be created, deleted and renamed as sorting criteria.
Image Overview – Display of all known images.
Last created – Shows the most recently created images.
Last added – Shows the most recently added images.
Last used – Shows the most recently used images.
In use – Shows the images that are currently in drives.
Search results – Shows the last search results and can be switched to the Image Search.


All of the "Last..." categories (last added, last used, etc.) can show up to 10 images. If images that had been listed here are deleted, they are removed from this list as well.