Image Search

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The image search function is described under Quick Start with examples. This function lets you add virtual CDs to your Virtual CD system. To initiate a search, select the CD Search option on the Virtual CD tab. This opens the contextual tab, Search for virtual CDs, containing all the input fields and operating controls required for finding new images. The directory structure automatically selects the Search results item in the Images View.




To start the search, specify the search path and then click on Start.


The search path under Default path for new virtual CDs corresponds to the Folder for new images defined on the Virtual CDs page of the Settings. The following options let you filter the search results:

Show only new images – Shows only the images that are not yet registered in Virtual CD.
Show only compatible images – Shows only the images that Virtual CD can work with.



The CD Search can also find images that are not compatible with Virtual CD. Such images have a file name extension that show they are image files, but do not have an inner structure that a valid image must have before Virtual CD can work with it. These images are included in the display of results if the Show only compatible images option is deactivated. They cannot be added to Virtual CD, even if you select them together with valid virtual CDs when you activate the command for adding virtual CDs.


If you search the Default path for new virtual CDs with the Show only new images option selected, the results show all CDs in the default folder that have not yet been registered in Virtual CD.





You can view the most recent search results at any time by selecting Results of search in the directory structure or the navigation bar.


To add the CDs found to Virtual CD, select one of the following options on the Search for virtual CDs tab:

Selected – You can select various virtual CDs and then have only that selection added to Virtual CD.
All – Adds all detected virtual CDs to Virtual CD.



If your system has both a local and a global configuration path, which is generally the case only when operating Virtual CD in a network, these buttons open a menu in which you can specify whether images are added to the local or the global view.



After you click on one of the two buttons, the images are added and the directory structure automatically switches to the Virtual Images folder, so that the newly added virtual CDs are available in the Images View.



Virtual CD adds only new virtual CDs that have not been registered in the Virtual CD program. Registered images shown in the search results are not added, even if you click on All to add all images detected.



Since the Image Search is a fixed component of the CD Control Center, most functions (available for example in the Ribbon) can be applied to the detected images without adding them to Virtual CD.