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Virtual CD is a complex software suite that gives you a wide range of controls for working with CDs. In our effort to supply the best possible user support, we provide a number of on-line and off-line sources you can check for answers to your questions.

Documentation: The product documentation gives you an overview of the controls and functions available in Virtual CD. It includes step-by-step examples of many of the procedures used in Virtual CD, and can provide useful tips even for the experienced user.
On-line help: The Help program places the documentation at your disposal with a click of the mouse.
Knowledge base: Our on-line knowledge database at has the answers to a lot of frequently-asked questions. If anyone else has reported the same problem you are having, you will probably find the solution here.
Forum: The latest issues concerning Virtual CD are discussed around the clock in the VCD users' forum, at Here, too, you can find help with problems that have already been solved for others.


All of these resources and more can be found on the Information tab on the Ribbon in the CD Control Center.



Check the section called Troubleshooting in this documentation for the questions that have been asked most frequently and their solutions.