Control Center Launch

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The CD Control Center should open as quickly as possible and be ready for use. To make this possible, virtual CD data is read into the program asynchronously; in other words, it is read in parallel to the Control Center launch. This is why the CD Control Center can be open without showing all images. This will not happen if you only have 10 images, but if there is a very large number of images, reading in the data could take a long time. Images that are displayed are available for use. On the left-hand side of the status bar, a progress bar is shown while images are loading. To the right of the progress bar, the number of virtual CDs that have been loaded is shown.





If you have images that are connected over a share and that share is not available, the reading process may be delayed considerably. When a share is unavailable, it generally take a long time for the error message to appear; this is due to the way the relevant network function is implemented. If the number of images loaded remains unchanged for a long time, this most likely indicates that Virtual CD is trying access an unavailable share.