Smart Virtual CD

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Virtual CDs, unlike ISO images, are not universally compatible. This is why we developed Smart Virtual CD technology. This feature lets you use virtual CDs on computers that do not have a Virtual CD program installation.

When you create a Smart Virtual CD medium, it contains both virtual CDs and a kind of mini-installation package, called the Smart Virtual CD Reader. When you insert the Smart Virtual CD medium in a computer with no Virtual CD installation, in automatically installs Virtual CD driver that sets up a virtual drive. The virtual CDs on the Smart Virtual CD medium can be inserted in this drive.

Unlike the process for copying media the Smart Virtual CD media does not produce exact copies, but there are a number of advantages that make the Smart Virtual CD technique preferable to burning 1-to-1 copies:

Information required for non-standard formats is supported: If a virtual CD requires information for non-standard formats (unreadable sectors, CD geometry data, etc.), this information is automatically included on a Smart Virtual CD medium. This means any virtual CD that will run on a machine with the Virtual CD program installed will also run using the Smart Virtual CD technique.
Smart Virtual CD as portable medium: The use of a USB flash drive as Smart Virtual CD medium makes it easier than ever to copy and transport virtual CDs.
Virtual CD properties are retained: Unlike a physical copy, with which so many properties are lost (comment, encryption, etc.), virtual CDs on Smart Virtual media can retain these special properties. For example, Virtual CDs that are protected by a password and encryption can only be accessed by users who know the password.
All the CDs that make up an application are kept together: More and more applications these days are supplied on multiple CDs. Since Smart Virtual CD technology can also be used to burn DVDs and Blu-ray Discs, you can put together all the CDs required for a given application on one medium. Never again will you have to ask yourself, "Where the heck is that third CD hiding?".
Availability ensured by Smart Virtual CD Reader: You can add the Smart Virtual CD Reader Packet to every Smart Virtual CD medium, so the virtual CDs will run on computers without a Virtual CD installation.



Keep in mind that the Smart Virtual CD Reader has the same system requirements as the Virtual CD program.