Technical Support

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If you have any problems with Virtual CD, please check the manual, the Help program and our continuously updated Web pages for assistance:

Virtual CD Online:
Knowledge Base:
Support Forum:

You might find that your question has already been answered. You are also welcome to publish your own questions in the support forum.


The Virtual CD software is continuously under development. We offer service packs and new program versions on our website as they become available, so you can keep your software up to date. If you activate the automatic update check function in your Virtual CD program, the program will automatically check our site regularly for updates at intervals that you define.


Both this setting and a link to our website are available the Ribbon of the CD Control Center.



We are always interested in hearing from you, whether you have questions, suggestions or complaints. After all, we make this software for you, so it's important that we know what you want! Please use the Virtual CD Support Forum to let us know what you think.