Creating a User Profile

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To define properties of Virtual CD TS that will be applied only to a specific set of users, you need to create at least one user profile of your own.

In the following example, we will create a user profile for Virtual CD TS administrators.



Create a new user profile

Run the Profile Editor and select New in the Ribbon to create a new profile.




Enter a name for the new profile. Under Description, enter a meaningful text from which you will be able to recognize the purpose of the profile in future. In the Copy from field, you can select an existing profile to have its settings loaded in the new profile.



To start with a profile that has all options activated and no restrictions in its user privileges, select <blank profile>.


When you have completed input in this dialog, click on OK to close it; The new profile is added to the list shown in the Profile Editor.





New profiles are saved automatically. Profiles that have not yet been assigned to any user are not applied when a session is opened.



Configure permissions

So far, the new profile has not been assigned to any user or user group. This is performed in the next step, which entails editing settings in the profile properties. Open the Permissions page in the Virtual CD Profile Settings.




This is where you specify the users to which the profile will be applied. In this example, we select the group of local administrators.



If you are following this example and you do not belong to the "Administrators" group, add your user account to the list of users in this profile now so that you will still be able to run administrative programs after this profile has been stored.


That's it! Since the new profile is for administrators, you do not need to configure any more settings. Click on OK to conclude configuration.