Virtual CD Basic Profile

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The first time you run the Profile Editor, the Virtual CD Basic Profile is the only user profile available. The basic profile lets you define the configuration status for all users who log in on the terminal server and for whom no other profile is explicitly designated. For example, you can edit the basic profile so that any users who are not assigned to one of your customized profiles are denied access to some—or all—Virtual CD functions. The Virtual CD basic profile differs from your customized profiles in the following aspects:

It cannot be applied simultaneously with any other user profile. (If you assign a customized profile, more than one user profile may be applied.)
The basic profile is applied by default; i.e., to any user for whom no other user profile has been allocated.
Permissions (e.g., users or user groups) cannot be explicitly assigned to the Virtual CD basic profile.
It cannot be deleted.
It cannot be deactivated.



When you first install Virtual CD TS, the settings in the basic profile permit all users to access all functions in Virtual CD TS.



If you want to have a single configuration applied to all of your terminal server users, simply configure the Virtual CD basic profile as desired; no further configuration of profiles is necessary.