Keyboard Shortcuts Page

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You can define keyboard shortcuts, or "hotkeys," that call Virtual CD programs.




The list shows the existing keyboard shortcuts. The buttons above the list have the following functions:

Add: Opens a dialog for defining new hotkeys.
Edit: Opens a dialog for editing existing hotkey definitions.
Remove: Removes the selected hotkey definition.
Reset: Deletes all existing hotkey definitions.


You can configure the following when you add or edit a keyboard shortcut:

Keyboard shortcut: The key combination that will run the desired program. Position the mouse cursor in the input field and then press the desired key combination.
Command: The command to be executed when the hotkey is pressed. Click on the "browse" button next to this field to select from a list of Virtual CD commands.
Working directory: The directory in which the command is executed (optional).
Arguments: You can specify one or more command line argument to be passed to the program when it is executed (optional).





Make sure you do not assign the same key combination to more than one function or program. If a given hotkey is defined in both Virtual CD and another program, it will only work in one of the two programs.



You can use command line arguments to create keyboard shortcuts for customized program calls. For example, you can define a certain type of virtual blank to be created at the press of a key.