What Virtual CD Can Do for You

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Virtual CD makes your CD-based applications faster, more efficient, and easier to use by storing them in the form of images on your hard drive using highly effective data compression techniques. These images, or "virtual CDs," can be "inserted" in virtual drives, which are just like physical drives and are displayed in the same manner in your Windows Explorer.


What Virtual CD v10 does:

supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 in all available editions.
ensures stability thanks to its Microsoft Certified Driver.
speeds up your CD-based applications by running the CDs on your hard drive rather than in an optical drive.
works with all optical media, from CD to Blu-ray.
saves you the trouble of inserting and removing physical CDs—let alone having to look for them in the first place!
lets you run your CDs on computers that don't even have physical CD drives.
lets you use multiple CDs simultaneously, precluding the need for an expensive CD changer.
lets you designate any physical drive for use with virtual CDs.
helps prevent loss or damage of your valuable original CDs.
gives you a virtual CD burner that works with any program that can burn CDs.
conserves precious notebook battery power, because no energy-hogging optical drive is needed.
makes your workplace quieter by eliminating CD drive noise.
includes a denoiser function that can make your physical CD drives quieter.
creates portable physical back-ups of your virtual CDs using Smart Virtual CD technology.
gives you the option of permitting or preventing the use of physical CDs on a given computer.
comes with an all-new, intuitive CD Control Center that you can customize, for easy access to all program functions.
uses dynamic desktop icons to show you at all times which media are inserted in which drives.
enables encryption to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data on virtual CDs.
comes with the powerful Virtual CD API for integrating the program in other applications.