New Functions for Task Assignments

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Several items have been added to the Task Assignment dialogs that open at various points of program operation. The following provides a list of the new tasks that can be assigned to the various controls:

Double-click on an image

Eject image: Ejects the image from the drive.
Insert image: Inserts the image in its default drive.


Double-click on a drive

Eject disk: Ejects the medium from the drive.
Burn a disk: Opens the 1-to-1 Copy Wizard for burning a copy.
Create a new image: Opens the Image Wizard for creating a new image.


Task after the burned image is ejected

Create a blank virtual medium: Creates a new blank of the type most recently created, and mounts it in a drive.



Keep in mind that functions which cannot be used (such as "Eject image" when no image is mounted) are not shown at all, rather than being grayed out as in previous versions.