Sharing a Collection

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You can share a collection in the same manner as you share a virtual CD. When a collection is inserted in a shared virtual CD drive, the CDs it contains are displayed in a directory tree on the network workstations.

This can cause difficulties, since some applications cannot work with CDs that are in directory trees. When a share on the workstation is assigned a drive letter, applications that look for data directly below the CD drive letter will not function properly, because they detect folders rather than the expected data.

To share a particular CD in a collection, just share the folder displayed for that CD.




In this case, the CD content is available on the workstation just as if the CD itself was shared.

When deciding whether to share individual virtual CDs in a collection or share the entire collection, it is important to consider the application and how it handles its data.



It is not possible to share folders on CDs using the Share Wizard. We recommend switching off the use of the Share Wizard in the Windows Explorer "Folder Options," or selecting "Advanced Sharing" in the properties dialog.