Found it! Now what?

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If files sought by the Catalog Search are found, you are offered the following options:

Access to the data: To access the data in the file, double-click on the file in the Detail View. This opens an Explorer window showing the folder in which the file is stored. If the CD that this catalog belongs to is not in a drive, the Catalog Search prompts you to insert it. When a virtual CD is found, the Catalog Search prompts confirmation and then inserts it automatically.
Show properties: Each file has a certain set of properties stored with it. These are listed in the Detail View, and can also be viewed in the File Properties window. To open this window, right-click on the file and select Properties from the popup menu.
Print datasheet: Open the main menu in the Catalog Search window and select "Detailed printout."



For details on printing procedures and options in the CD Control Center, please see Keeping Track of Your Virtual CDs in this manual.