Notes on the Desktop Icons

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Desktop icons are automatically managed by Virtual CD. They are configured on the Display of Drives page in the Settings program, and described in detail in that section of this manual. There are, however, a few points we should mention here:

Renaming icons serves no purpose: Icons and the information they show are generated by Virtual CD based on the media represented. If you want to change the label of an icon, you need to change the label in the properties of the medium. Any other changes you attempt will be overwritten.
Do not change the comment: The Comment field is used by Virtual CD for detection of the icon. If you change the comment, the icon cannot be automatically removed from the desktop when the medium is ejected.
Display of special characters: Some designations, such as the description of a virtual CD, permit the use of special characters that are not permitted in file names. Virtual CD filters such characters out automatically. This may result in a desktop icon label that differs from the label of the corresponding virtual CD.