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Snapshots let you make a record of which virtual CDs are in which drives at a given moment, and recreate this state when desired. Snapshot functions are accessible in the CD Control Center and the Quick Start utility.

Snapshots are extremely easy to make and use. The following description uses the Quick Start utility to create and load a snapshot.



Create a snapshot

Insert the virtual CDs that you wish to have included in the snapshot. Right-click on the Quick Start icon to open the menu Open the Snapshot menu and select Create snapshot.





Name your snapshot

A dialog opens for entering a description of the snapshot. Enter a meaningful description, so that you can recognize later which CDs the snapshot will insert. Then click OK to create the snapshot.




That's all there is to it.


To see exactly what happens when you load a snapshot, eject all virtual CDs from all drives first, or insert some virtual CDs that are not included in the snapshot.



Load a snapshot

Right-click on the Quick Start icon, select the snapshot menu, and then select the snapshot you have just created.






Confirm execution of the snapshot

The prompt to confirm lists all of the virtual CDs that will be inserted. Click on Yes to confirm; the specified virtual CDs are inserted.





Snapshots recreate the state that was current when the snapshot was made. If a given virtual drive was empty when the snapshot was made, any CD in that drive when the snapshot is loaded will automatically be ejected.


That's it! In just a moment or two, the state of virtual drives active when the snapshot was made is recreated.



Snapshots store the state of all virtual drives. This includes both the drive letter, and the virtual CD (if any) in the drive. If you change your virtual drives (for example, change the drive letters of any affected drives) after having created a snapshot, it might not be possible to recreate the desired state by loading that snapshot.


To delete a snapshot, right-click on the Quick Start icon to open the menu. Select the Open folder function from the Snapshot menu.




This opens an Explorer window showing all available snapshots. Select the desired Snapshot script and delete it.