Working with Virtual CD TS

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User profiles were introduced in Virtual CD specifically for the Terminal Server edition of the program. Because Virtual CD TS runs on a terminal server, it differs from the standard Virtual CD edition in the following respects:

It is not possible to create Client Setup programs. Since Virtual CD TS does not entail any installation on client machines, the Client Setup feature is not included with this edition of Virtual CD.
Virtual CD TS must be installed on a terminal server. Unlike Virtual CD, which is not recommended for installation on a server, the Virtual CD TS edition has to be installed on a server.
You cannot configure security settings for physical CDs. Because Virtual CD TS is used within sessions, the features for defining security settings to control the use of physical CD drives and CDs are not available.
The drives created by Virtual CD during setup are either all standard virtual drives, or all virtual burners. The type of drive is defined during installation. Unlike Virtual CD, the TS edition does not support the use of both types of drive.


The administration of Virtual CD drives in Virtual CD TS differs from that in the standard edition as well. Details on managing virtual drives and working with profiles in Virtual CD TS are given in the following pages.