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Please observe the following when installing Virtual CD TS:

Virtual CD TS and Virtual CD Network Management Server - If you already have a license code for Virtual CD TS, enter it during installation. Alternatively, you can enter a path to your Network Management Server during installation to have the license code retrieved from NMS. Unlike earlier versions, the new version does not require subsequent input of a local license code, as NMS v10 can provide the necessary server license. options (either entering a license code or retrieving a license from NMS); otherwise, the installation will not be completed.
Virtual CD TS does not have demo mode - If you want to test Virtual CD TS, you need to download a test version over the Internet. The test version of Virtual CD cannot be converted into a full version by entering a license code.
Creating virtual CDs on your own workstation: - The license code included with Virtual CD v10 TS permits you to install the standard Virtual CD v10 edition on up to 5 workstations. This is intended to allow you, as administrator, to create and test virtual CDs before making them available over the network. The single-user version cannot be installed using the Setup program that installs Virtual CD TS. You need the standard Virtual CD v10 Setup, which is included on your Virtual CD installation CD or can be downloaded over the Internet.



For details on the installation and configuration of Virtual CD v10, please refer to the Virtual CD documentation.