Profile Analysis

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When a user logs on, any profile(s) in which they have permissions are analyzed to determine which settings will be activated. A user can have:

– no user profile assigned. In this case, the settings in the Virtual CD basic profile are activated.
– one user profile assigned. In this case, only the settings in that profile are assigned.
– multiple user profiles assigned: This case is a little more complicated, since the various profiles generally have different settings.



We recommend having only as many profiles applied to a given user or group as are absolutely necessary; otherwise, it can be difficult to keep track of which Virtual CD profile settings are active.


When multiple user profiles are applied, the settings are analyzed in accordance with the following rules:

1)The list of profiles is processed from top to bottom in the order in which they are listed here. The profile settings that are active for a given user at the end of this processing are referred to as the cumulative profile for that user. Settings other than simple "Yes" or "No" options are determined by the last configuration processed. For example, the settings defined on the Directories dialog page are determined by the last profile in the list of profiles assigned to the particular user.
2)For settings defined by simple Yes or No options, a Yes setting retains validity even if a subsequent profile contains a No for the same option. The Function Control options provide an example. All of these options can be activated ("Yes") and deactivated ("No"). If a function is activated in one of the profiles assigned to a given user, then that function is available to that user regardless of whether it is deactivated in another of that user's profiles. The same applies for settings on the Programs page. If access to a program is activated in any one of multiple profiles assigned to a user, the program is available regardless of settings in subsequent profiles.
3)If the "Check for files..." option, also in the Security settings, is set to 0 (or "Off") in any one of a user's profiles, that remains the active setting for that user regardless of subsequent profile settings. For other settings, if there are differing values greater than 0, the highest value over all a user's profiles is set for that user.
4)If CD drives are configured in a user's profiles, the sum of all drives specified are mapped to that user's session. If a particular virtual CD drive is specified in more than one profile, the status of the drive (e.g., the virtual CD inserted, etc.) is set in accordance with the last profile that specifies drive definitions. A virtual CD drive is locked if any of the user's profiles specifies "locked" as the status for that drive.