Comparison Wizard

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The Virtual CD Comparison Wizard enables a precise comparison of the media, down to the sector level. You can use it to compare a virtual CD with its source CD. This is a useful troubleshooting tool; for example, if the creation of new virtual CD fails, or has unexpected results.



Because the comparison operates on the sector level, it can take a considerable length of time, especially when comparing DVDs or Blu-ray Discs.


You can open the Image Converter in the Tasks and Tools tab in the CD Control Center or under Virtual CD Programs in the Quick Start utility.




Under First CD/DVD and Second CD/DVD you can select physical or virtual media for comparison.

The list in the Drive field shows physical media, while paths to virtual CDs are specified under File.

The Done section shows the progress of the comparison in both number and percentage of sectors processed.

The Differences section lists the differences that were detected between the two media:

Number: Consecutive numbers are assigned to the differences found.
Sector: Indicates the sector in which the difference was found.
Offset: Shows the corresponding offset value.
Value, first CD: and Value, second CD: Show the values found where differences were detected.



When defective sectors are found, only the sector number is shown.