Centralized Data Access

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In addition to the global configuration path, you can make other Virtual CD data available over the network. To do this, specify the desired settings on the Folders page of the Settings. To enable management of all Virtual CD data on one machine, it is a good idea to position all folders below the global configuration path.


For example, the folders can be organized as follows:

\\server\share\VCD  - Path for global configuration
\\server\share\VCD\catalog\ - Folder for catalog files
\\server\share\VCD\scripts\ - Folder for scripts



We recommend enabling central access to folders only as needed. There would be no reason, for example, to make the folder for temporary files available over the network. And remember, the fewer centralized folders you have, the lower the network load.



You can specify these folders in Client Setup programs, or in the Virtual CD Network Management Server, if you have one.