Virtual CD Fileserver

Flexible and cost-efficient

Providing data on optical media in a network can entail a lot of work and, in some cases, expense. The file server extension of Virtual CD puts an end to all that.

With just one low-cost license you can provide all clients connected to your file server with the desired data. Virtual CD FS supports all established formats, including Blu-ray (BD).

CD Collections without a Jukebox

Virtual CD FS is the only software worldwide that provides access to CD/DVD/Blu-ray collections without a hardware-based CD-ROM server, or jukebox. Even a collection containing several hundred CDs or DVDs can be made available by Virtual CD FS under a single drive letter. This lets you provide and manage large CD collections economically, without imposing a high load on your network resources.

Data access at full speed

Cost-effectiveness is not the only advantage of Virtual CD FS. Your CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs are accessed at hard drive speed, so you can really take advantage of your network infrastructure. The maximum speed is equivalent to a 200x CD-ROM drive!

You can allocate access privileges in Windows to determine who can access your optical media and who cannot. No additional installation on workstations is necessary.

Compatible with even the largest data volumes

Virtual CD FS supports the advanced UDF file system. This removes restrictions imposed by ISO file system and enables an almost unlimited number of files and folders within your media collections. With Virtual CD FS, you can have up to 5865 optical media available per server. This is how Virtual CD FS provides efficient access to even the largest volumes of data. The integrated collection server ensures that administrators and users alike have a clear overview at all times, even with large collections.

High compatibility and optimal storage use

Thanks to the expert technology of Virtual CD FS, nearly 100% of your data CDs and DVDs are compatible. The overhead arising from the often extremely high number of small files is minimized. In comparison with simply copying a CD/DVD onto a hard drive, Virtual CD FS provides an optimal usage of storage space.

Virtual CD FS — The ideal solution for

  • Centralized encyclopedias on CD, DVD and Blu-ray
  • CD/DVD-based research (e.g. law firms, medical offices)
  • Providing patent information (e.g. chemical, automotive industries)
  • Catalog serving (e.g. publishers, automotive industry, commerce)
  • Network-wide access to installation CDs

Perfect teamwork

Depending on the situation, Virtual CD FS can also be combined with Virtual CD. If a PC needs access to multimedia or audio CDs or DVDs, you can equip that PC with the client version of Virtual CD (not included with Virtual CD FS). This combination gives you trouble-free access to every kind of CD and DVD and excellent value for money.

Key Benefits

  • High performance, low costs - All the advantages of a CD-ROM server, without the high procurement and maintenance costs
  • Flexible - You can burn virtual images onto physical media!
  • Economical licensing per server - Virtual CD FS is installed only on the file server and one administrative PC.
  • Comfortable Administration - Creation of images and administration of virtual drives using the proven Virtual CD interface