Virtual CD Network Management Server

Optimal management of your Virtual CD network

Virtual CD NMS lets you get the most out of the latest VCD generation. The new version of Virtual CD Network Management Server has been optimized for use with all the current-release Virtual CD 10 products.

  • Support for all current Windows operating systems
    Virtual CD NMS 10 supports all editions of Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, as well as Windows Server 2003 and 2008 on the server side.
  • Client Distributor
    Use Virtual CD NMS to distribute the Virtual CD client on workstations.
  • Integration of your Microsoft AD
    Virtual CD NMS can integrate your Microsoft AD and apply your settings for allocating VCD license codes, user privileges and more to AD objects.
  • Extended profiles
    Virtual CD NMS can show or hide Virtual CD functions on individual clients based on profile configurations.
  • Mapping virtual drives
    With Virtual CD NMS you can control which virtual drives are set up on client workstations.
  • Direct access to Virtual CD programs
    Important Virtual CD functions, such as creating virtual CDs, can now be initiated directly in NMS.
  • Distribution of VCD license codes
    Network Management Server can handle the distribution and administration of license codes for Virtual CD, Virtual CD FS and Virtual CD TS.

Virtual CD makes it easy to set up extensive CD networks with unbeatable performance and economy. The Virtual CD Network Management Server adds an administrative interface to Virtual CD that simplifies management even of complex Virtual CD networks.

All Features at a Glance

With its intuitive user interface, Virtual CD Network Management Server shows you all of the stations connected in your Virtual CD network.

You can see at a glance how many virtual drives each client has, whether the drives are locked or not, and which CD images are mounted in them. Without closing the Station Monitor, you can carry out operations on all clients and their virtual drives in the integrated Tasks sidebar. The sidebar gives you access to almost all features; for example, you can insert or eject media to or from individual drives or all drives at once.

You can lock and unlock drives in this interface as well, whether on selected clients only or all clients at once.


Group and profile management
Simple allocation of virtual CDs, user privileges and drives
License code management
Let Virtual CD Network Management Server distribute VCD licenses to Virtual CD clients.
Station monitor
View the IP address, logged-in user, Virtual CD version and license code pertaining to each client.
Central administration interface
Manage all your Virtual CD networks with just a few mouse clicks.
License management
Leave it up to the integrated license management features in Virtual CD NMS to monitor usage and ensure compliance with your software agreements. You can have all virtual CD images monitored to effectively prevent exceeding your user licenses.
Usage analysis
Keep costs to a minimum by ensuring that you only purchase the updates and renew the subscriptions that you really need.
Data throughput monitoring
Check the throughput levels of Virtual CD drives with this handy troubleshooting utility.

Built-in client distributor

Virtual CD Network Management Server comes with a distributor for setting up Virtual CD clients on network stations. You no longer need to install Virtual CD manually, nor use a separate utility, to roll out Virtual CD in your network. You can also distribute VCD updates using Virtual CD NMS.

Groups and profiles

Virtual CD Network Management Server now has group and profile administration features that make it easy to group your Virtual CD clients, and then use the versatile profiles and scripts for direct administration. For example, you can group virtual CDs according to company department or workgroup, and allocate user privileges for the required virtual CDs quickly and easily. This is also a practical way to control privileges for important functions such as creating virtual CDs or unlocking physical CD drives.

Convenient license code management

The license code management feature in Virtual CD Network Management Server distributes the available Virtual CD license codes automatically to individual clients. This ensures optimum usage of the available licenses.

License management included

The convenient user interface of Virtual CD Network Management Server lets you administrate the VCD license management function. This component can ensure that images are mounted on client machines only within the boundaries of software licensing agreements. In other words, Virtual CD Network Management Server can monitor and maintain legal software operation in your Virtual CD network.

This feature also logs the attempts to access images that fail due to license restrictions, so you can tell at a glance when you need additional user licenses for your CDs.

Transparent usage data

The usage analysis features in Virtual CD Network Management Server let you track the usage of images in your network. The data collected forms a solid basis for decisions regarding your software licensing requirements.

Examples of Use

Administer even complex Virtual CD-Networks with the Virtual CD Network Management Server. The ergonomic use interface guarantees maximal clear information even with a great number of clients and used images.
Keep everything under control at all times with the easy-to-use Virtual CD Network Management Server. With only a few mouse clicks you can control the lessons and distribute teaching materials.

The Virtual CD Network Management Server is compatible with Virtual CD product versions 6 and later (including Virtual CD TS and Virtual CD FS).

Some features of Virtual CD NMS may not be applicable with all listed products.