Automatic Naming Function

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Once an image has been created, Virtual CD automatically adapts its name and description. This helps you recognize at a later point what the CD contains. You can configure settings for automatic naming on the Burn page of the Settings program. The assigned CD label can be used for the file name and the description. Furthermore, you can have the date and time of creation appended to the file name.


The following example shows a virtual blank CD-R in the Explorer after it has been created, but before data has been written to it:




Here is the same image after burning—the word Test was entered as the CD label:





In some cases, automatic naming is not applied and the image retains its original designation. This may be the case, for example, when a re-writable blank is used as a hard disk.



The simplest procedure when creating a blank virtual CD is to accept the default description, burn data to the virtual blank, and then, assuming the burn process went as planned, adapt the description on the Properties page of the image properties.