Creating a Virtual Blank

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If you want to have more control of the process when creating a virtual blank than is afforded by the direct creation method, use the Blank Media Wizard. A little more user input is required, but the procedure is still fast and easy. The major advantage of this method is that you can configure more settings for the new blank. The following example shows how to create a virtual blank Blu-ray Disc and insert in a virtual burner. In a subsequent step, you could use a video editing program to edit a video and then burn it onto that blank.



Run the Blank Media Wizard

Open the Blank Media Wizard from the Virtual CD Starter by selecting the Insert virtual blank option.





Select type of blank

Before the Blank Media Wizard opens, a range options for use of this wizard is presented, which will be described in detail later: One is for creating a safe for sensitive data and the other activates the sound file mode. For this example, select Run the Blank Media Wizard to begin creating a new virtual blank.





Create the new blank

The Blank Media Wizard lets you configure all the settings you need for the new blank media. We select Blu-ray-R in the Create a field. The rest of the settings remain unchanged, except the Insert in field near the bottom of the dialog: here we select the drive in which the new blank media will be inserted.

Now we click on Create to have the new blank created.




That's it! The new blank is created and inserted in the specified drive. Now you can burn your video onto it. And if you don't like the result, all you need is a new virtual blank to burn the next video—no need to waste a real Blu-ray-R!