Image Properties

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When you create a virtual CD, you can define a number of settings affecting the way the CD can be used, such as autostart program, keyboard shortcut, and more. These settings are stored along with other information about the virtual CD (size, CD type, etc.) and termed virtual CD properties.

You can edit the properties of a virtual CD in the Image Properties window. To open this window, Double-click on the image in the CD Control Center. This opens an action prompt; select Show properties here to view the image properties.





You can also view properties of ISO images, for example, to edit properties such as the description, comment, or other properties. Because such properties are not part of the standard specifications for ISO images, Virtual CD saves them in a .VII file (Virtual CD Image Information File) parallel to the ISO image.


Image properties can include the following dialog pages:

Image: Information on the selected image file.
Properties: Properties of the virtual CD.
Comment: Additional information about the image.
Log File: Information recorded while the image was being created.



Some of the pages in the Image Properties are shown only if they have any information to display. For example, if the log file was not stored while creating the virtual CD, the Log File page is not shown.



If the selected image is a read-only image, some of the properties cannot be edited. Either the buttons that open these properties are grayed out, or an error message is shown when an attempt is made to edit the property. If the image is read-only, this is indicated on the Image page of the properties.




There are a number of reasons why an image might be read-only. The simplest is that it is currently in a drive. In this case, simply eject the image to make its properties accessible. On the other hand, it might be stored in a write-protected folder.


If the Image Properties window is opened for multiple images simultaneously, only the Images page is shown. A list of selected images is displayed, and the total size is indicated. Settings cannot be modified here.





If the selected image is encrypted or otherwise password-protected, a password prompt opens when you attempt to view the image properties. Enter the password to view the properties. If multiple images were selected, the password prompt is shown again for each image in turn.