Physical Medium as Template

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Whether creating a blank virtual CD or a virtual ISO blank, Virtual CD can use a physical template for the process. This is particularly useful if you want to ensure that the resulting blank virtual media has the same data capacity as the physical version.



Run the Blank Media Wizard

Insert the physical blank medium and run the Blank Media Wizard. In the menu for the Create a field, select the last item, From physical blank.





Select the physical burner

In this dialog, select the burner containing the blank medium. Click on OK to load the selection in the Blank Media Wizard.





Create a blank virtual medium

The Blank Media Wizard now shows the data that it has read in from the physical medium. In our example, this is an 8 cm DVD-R with 1.4 GB. The Blank Media Wizard creates a virtual blank with the specifications given, when you click on Create.




That's it! You now have a virtual blank with the specifications of the physical medium.