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On the Settings page, you can configure general options, values for function controls and security settings.




The following general options are configured here:

Check for virtual CD files (seconds): Defines the intervals (in seconds) at which the program checks for virtual CDs registered in the system.
Display of drives: defines which drives are displayed by dynamic desktop icons:
oAll drives: Shows all drives at all times.
oShow only virtual drives: Shows only virtual drives and other drives in which virtual media can be mounted.
oAll virtual and physical drives that currently contain media: Shows all drives that contain media.


The Function control section defines the Virtual CD user interface in the client and determines which Virtual CD functions are available:

Eject all virtual CDs when a session is closed: When the session is closed, all virtual CDs in that session are ejected.
Do not show Explorer extension controls: The Virtual CD Explorer extension is deactivated: The Explorer extension adds Virtual CD controls and functions to shortcut menus opened in the Windows Explorer.
Quick Start utility: The Virtual CD Quick Start utility is available in the Windows taskbar.
Virtual CDs are displayed in a list: Enables display of images as a CD overview.
Virtual CDs are divided into local and global views: Enables the display of virtual CDs in a global and a local view.
Enable Starter: The Starter for Virtual CD is activated.
Permit editing of CD labels: Enables the user to edit CD labels.
Download audio CD information from CDDB server: Track titles and artist information are downloaded from the Internet.. If CDDB Internet access has not been configured, a dialog opens prompting this configuration.
Show default drive: The lists of CDs shown by the Quick Start utility and the Explorer extension show the default drive for each CD as well.
Show desktop icons for media in CD drives (DDA): Activates the dynamic desktop icons.
Show list of all images in Quick Start menu (Insert and Properties items): When the Insert or Properties item is selected from the Quick Start menu, a list of available images is opened. If you have a large number of images, you might want to deactivate this function, as opening the list could cause some delay.
Automatically check for Virtual CD updates: Activates the automatic update function.


In the Security Settings section, you can configure the following settings for virtual CDs:

No permission to use local virtual CDs: You can prevent access to local virtual CDs; in this case, only virtual CDs available over the global configuration path can be accessed.
Hide virtual CDs for which components are not found: If there are any virtual CDs that are classified as "not found" when Virtual CD starts up, those CDs are not shown if this option is selected.
Deny access to unregistered virtual CDs: CDs that are not listed in the Virtual CD configuration file cannot be used.