Copying Virtual CDs

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In some cases you might find it necessary or useful to copy virtual CDs. For example, you may want to copy all your virtual CDs from one hard disk to another, or copy a virtual CD from a client workstation to a server. The fastest and easiest way to do this is to use the Virtual CD Copy Wizard.

You can use the Copy Wizard to move or copy any number of virtual CDs from one folder to another. You can open the Copy Wizard by selecting it in the Quick Start utility. Then add the desired virtual CDs to this window and specify the path to which they will be copied. The Copy Wizard shows you how much space is required and how much is available at the selected destination. The copy process can be started only if there is enough space available.



The process is quicker and easier if you run the Copy Wizard from the CD Control Center. To do this, select the desired virtual CDs in the Images View of the Control Center and click on the Copy button on the Tasks and Tools tab in the Ribbon. This opens the Copy Wizard with the selected CD(s) already loaded in the list. If you right-click on a folder in the CD Control Center, all virtual CDs in that folder are loaded in the Copy Wizard list.