Security Measures for Physical CDs

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With Virtual CD, not only can you create, manage and run virtual CDs, you can also control which CDs are used in your system. With virtual CDs, this control is easy to implement: Just assign a password and the virtual CD can no longer be used by your kids, or your co-workers, or anyone else who doesn't have the password. It is usually a little more difficult to exercise this kind of control over physical CDs. Virtual CD has a solution for this issue too. There are two approaches:

You can disable use of physical CDs. When you activate this option, Virtual CD will automatically eject any physical CD-ROM as soon as it is inserted.
You can permit use of physical CDs. To do this, activate the option outlined above to prevent the use of physical CDs, and then exclude your choice of CDs from this restriction.



The settings that control the use of physical CDs are applied for all users of the computer on which the settings are configured. Anybody else who uses that computer will be subject to the same settings you configure here for this function.