Project Files

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If you use the Editor to assemble data and then wish to update that set of data regularly, save it as a project file, which has the VCX file name extension. You can load the project in the Editor at any time for editing. This is faster and easier than re-assembling the data every time you wish to store a change. The commands for saving and opening project files are in the Main menu of the Editor. Project files are automatically stored in the folder specified under Folder for VCD Editor project files on the Folders page of the Properties.

Project files are ideal for working with sets of data that are modified regularly. Because project files store entries with placeholders, the data is updated automatically.

Example: We have a folder called "Records" that we wish to back up from time to time using the Editor. We start by dragging and dropping the folder to the Editor and then we save this assembled data as a project file. From time to time, data in this folder is modified. When the relevant project file is opened in the Editor, all of the changes that have been made in the folder since the last time the project was opened are loaded automatically.

This is a fairly simple example, but the principle is the same for more complex structures, such as installation CDs, presentations, and so forth. Just assemble the data in the Editor, save it as a project file, and load it later after changes have been made.



If files or folders are deleted, then the Editor ignores the corresponding placemarkers the next time the project file is opened, and does not load any data in their place.